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Willis PMI Group HR Insights Spring 2016
Welcome to the latest issue of HR Insights, a quarterly round-up of expert advice and top tips from Willis PMI Group, part of Willis Towers Watson.
Ginger can be used in a 'diaphoretic' tea when you have a cold, as it will warm you from the inside and promote perspiration.
How can HR professionals spice up their employee retention initiatives?

From funded egg freezing to concierge services and luggage parties, the most off-the-wall schemes to reward and recognise star performers.
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Salt can lower spikes in the stress hormone adrenaline.
How can employers best use mindfulness in the office?

Mindfulness is gaining traction in the business world as an effective way to lower employee stress and increase emotional intelligence.
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The casein protein in a glass of milk at bedtime may help build muscle strength overnight.
How do you strengthen your employees’ emotional resilience?

From health profiling to structured resilience training, preventative mental health can equip your staff with the tools to cope.
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